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Want the best cost effective training in town?

When your looking for a Martial arts/kickboxing club to train within,it can be confusing.You want to be sure you make the right choice after all you will be investing a lot of time and hard work into you/your childs training so you need to be sure you choose the correct club for you,in fact thats why we offer a NO cost,NO obligation FREE trail session.You can then see for yourself how we as a club look after you as an individual and push you/your child to be as good as you/they can be,whether thats to compete in the ring,reach your fitness goals or just to train,have fun or to meet other like minded people.. 

  So If you want to improve your fitness,  self discipline,confidence, at the same time lose body fat and have better body Definition? Learn a practical method of self-defence? Participate in a competitive sport? Enjoy a unique recreational activity?

Then Aro Fitness Kickboxing is  for you! OUR Blackbelt School offers  many dynamic programs for the entire family,kids kickboxing,Ladies only kickboxing, Adults kickboxing programmes,as well as ju jitsu and other styles of martials arts which teaches self esteem, confidence as well as the benifits of fitness, fat loss as well as a great form of self defence.                         

 "We stress mental growth and discipline, as well as physical training"

We have 

♦ kickboxing Classes  Reading ♦ kickboxing Classes Caversham Reading ♦ Kickboxing Classes South Reading ♦ Kickboxing Classes Basingstoke ♦ kickboxing Classes Henley-on-Thames ♦ kickboxing Classes Chichester ♦ kickboxing Classes  Selsey(west sussex) ♦Kickboxing Theale,west berkshire for kids,Adults,Teenagers, ladies only and family classes.


CALL NOW 0800 999 5411 to find out more

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