Welcome to ARO Fitness Kickboxing
Confidence. Motivation. Determination. Respect. Discipline

"Our mission at ARO Fitness Kickboxing is to empower the everyday individual with top-quality, affordable martial arts, kickboxing, and fitness experiences. We are dedicated to creating a safe, vibrant, and welcoming environment where each person's unique journey is celebrated. Our focus is on nurturing individual potential, driving towards personal excellence, and enhancing overall well-being. We commit to providing a space where goals are met with enthusiasm and support, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their best in a setting of mutual respect and encouragement."

Yours In Martial Arts - The Smith Family, A martial Arts club Run by a Family for Families

Lil Ninjas

Our lil Ninjas class is an age Specific class designed with kids 3-6 years of age in Mind, our team of instructors work close with your lil ninjas to help boost confidence, motivation and determination while working on your child's motor skills and helping build strong muscles and bones

Kid Champions

Our Kid champions class is an age Specific class designed with kids 6-12 years of age in Mind.

Adult Kickboxing

Our Adults Kickboxing is open for a range of ability's from Beginners to advanced, if you want to train for fitness, Belts or competitions we have classes for all

Welcome To Aro Fitness Kickboxing

Aro Fitness kickboxing provide Kickboxing and Martial Arts classes for a healthier and safer way of life. Our classes’ help you unleash the power of your inner self to fulfil your potential whilst providing you with an education into the world of martial arts. Our classes are also a great way to get fit, lose body fat and are great fun

Our kickboxing classes are open to all levels, experience and ages (starting from 3 years up) with limited restrictions. Whether you’re a beginner in martial arts or a black belt in kickboxing, you will be welcomed into the Aro Family. Whilst all of our classes are tailored to match your experience, each of the classes will leave you fitter and stronger whilst providing you with the confidence to tackle everyday life.

The classes across the South of England take place in lots of different Training locations across the south including Reading, Chichester, Bracklesham, Donnington and Selsey and more adding new classes all the time.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming approach to all visitors to ARo and would like to introduce you to our family/community. Our aim is educate you through the different stages of Kickboxing and guide you through to a level you are comfortable with and more.

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If you are still unsure about Kickboxing Classes then why don’t you book a free taster session and see how we work as a club and what can do for you. What’s stopping you!

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