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Lee.Bea and Adriana Smith club owners

 Welcome to Aro Fitness Kickboxing

                    Our  system of Sports fitness kickboxing offers you the opportunity to learn the art of sport  fitness Kickboxing(SFKB) .

Regardless of your age, size, body type and current level of physical ability or disability. Sports fitness Kick boxing could be just what you are looking for.

Over the years we have found that people are fed up with the day in day out gym/fitness programmes and traditional martial arts  and wanted and needed something different so with our back ground of over 19 years experience in Personal Training and teaching fitness and training within the martial arts world we have  put together our own system of fitness kickboxing(SFKB).

We specialize in the teaching of kickboxing and fitness in and around  Reading and the South of England,(other areas coming soon) our programs are designed to increase your awareness, energy levels and self-confidence.  A practical method of Self Defence, The promotion of physical fitness, Strength and flexibility,Awareness, A strong social aspect where many friendships can be made, Discipline and fun. 

              ''''An opportunity to get the best out of yourself ''''

 ARO SFKB concentrates on self defence,competition training,sparing (optional you chose what training you require to work towards your goals) and fitness as well as taking students through the grading procedure (progressing through the Belts with on going fitness assessments )  training both adults and kids from 4 years up wards. Students are not forced to spar but are given the choice and on so deciding are given coaching and advice etc. Kickboxing is probably the most popular of all Martial Arts activities at the present time resulting in a huge uptake of this exciting and dynamic sport as the general public seems aware of the tremendous benefits to their fitness and well being along with the self defence skills learned. This system is quick and easy to learn without the need to master a foreign language as all classes are taught in English with all techniques having English names etc. The syllabus contains what is known as Combination Techniques performed solo: Pair Work or attack and defence with a partner and Pad work Combinations which are performed with a partner holding Arm Focus Pads. A typical class will consist of a warm-up taken by the instructor covering various aerobic and strength exercises together with various stretching exercises. At this point the class will pair up to do their Pad work (punching and kicking the pads in many different positions etc). Then usually we do some skipping (a brilliant aerobic exercise, not only for fitness but for footwork and co-ordination). 
The remainder of the class will be reserved for syllabus training, sparring or whatever the instructor wants to concentrate on at that particular time. This is all then followed by a warm-down consisting of exercises and stretching before the class finishes.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring to you the everyday person quality, affordable and safe martial arts, kickboxing and fitness in a safe, fun and non-intimidating environment, focused on you as an individual to strive to achieve the best you can be to the highest level of excellence and self well being.

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