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Dear Student,

This message comes with a very heavy heart and a message that we didn’t want to write but with the final blow Yesterday of the schools closing this in turn also has a massive knock on effect of our clubs mainly our Reading club because as you know our Reading club is run from a school hall.! This is breaking my heart to write because Reading was our first club set up back in 1999 and we have trained 1000’s of people within that time and we will continue to train more….


We are also locked out of a further 3 venues that we use in west Sussex with another one of our venues letting us know within the next 48 hours if we can still use them or not!


So with a heavy and very emotional heart today I’m going to have to say that ALL our classes will be stopping temporarily from today. As of today there will be no Normal face to face classes but classes will carry on as normal BUT ONLINE which will add great value to your membership moving forward these online session will continue and part of your membership as you continue to support us with your payments you will become a VIP member of the club with lts more benefits as a thank you for your support at this time.


So moving forward for those that would like to stick with us


GOOD NEWS!!! We are switching from active training and going online while this madness continues we are going to be adding videos of syllabus, challenges, fitness and stretching having competitions and sending out worksheets etc it’s going to be Fun just in your own home with our full support all challenges videos completed will go towards future gradings worksheets can be exchanged for prizes etc let’s do this guy’s let’s keep our academy running let’s keep the club running so we can get back to normal as soon as possible let’s give this virus a great big right hook on the nose and keep our club/your club alive full details will be sent out to ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS over the next couple of days.


We value your support at this time and would appreciate if you can manage to keep your memberships running this would help to support the club and in return as a thank you for your ongoing support once we are back to normal we will credit fees paid as vouchers to be used for club services, gradings, kit, workshops etc also the fee you pay now will be the fee you pay for all future training and will not be increased as long as you stay an active member.

As you can understand Lee and I are devastated that the last 21 years of having our clubs we have overcome many issues as we have moved through the times but never have we ever had to deal with a blow like this a blow to the heart today with telling our members that we have to stop their active training short term while we get through these difficult times.


What you need to do!

If you would like to join the online training and support the club moving forward just enjoy your training. If you would like freeze your payments just drop an email to or text 07824504768 and we will get this sorted for you.


We would firstly like to say thank you to you our members for your support followed by a big sorry and we will see you all online and back in class as soon as we can.



Yours in Martial arts Lee & Bea x

Aro Fitness Kickboxing

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Our mission is to bring to you the everyday person quality, affordable and safe martial arts, kickboxing and fitness in a safe, fun and non-intimidating environment, focused on you as an individual to strive to achieve the best you can be to the highest level of excellence and self well being.

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