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Aro Kids fitness kickboxing (kid kickers 6-12 years)
kids kickboxing 6-12 years ARO Fitness kickboxing Reading, Chichester

Our kids kick boxing programme is an exciting children’s educational programme at the cutting edge of character building and life skills development taught through martial arts and kickboxing training. Our children’s classes are based on FUN. If children aren’t having fun they will not stick with martial arts long enough to get any of its numerous benefits. So we make sure our classes are fun and active. We play a lot of games, do a lot of exercise and make sure that everyone smiles and sweats.

While our classes are fun we also make sure that the true martial arts spirit of discipline and respect is fostered in every class. Our students are taught to respect the instructor and respect fellow students but most importantly to respect themselves. Without self-respect and self-discipline nothing of worth can be achieved.

Once a child’s self-respect is developed problems with bullying and peer pressure tend to lessen or disappear as they realise they have all the tools they need to handle any situation confidently and maturely.

We invite you and your child to a FREE TRIAL session at one of our training locations and meet our team of professional instructors.

We have kids kickboxing sessions in Reading Hayling Island Bracklesham Bay,Chichester and Selsey West Sussex

Please take a look at our site, our timetable can be found on the class locations page, or drop us an email or call 0800 999 5411 to get started.

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With the world ever changing our children are asked to face more difficult challenges and increasing pressures every day, we all see and hear about the effects that violence, bulling negative peer pressure and obesity have on children.

Aro fitness kickboxing schools have  a genuine interest in helping shape a positive future for today’s youth who are tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Kids fitness programme combined with our kickboxing syllabus will improve your children’s confidence, agility, co-ordination , strength, flexibility fitness, better concentration at school and help us all fight  child obesity you will not find a better  children’s programme.

Active kids are happy kids - they like to be running around and having fun.

 Our sessions are planed so the kids have lots of fun forgetting how hard they are working.

The trouble is, in this modern world children have got lots of other things to do and plenty of reasons not to go outside to play or run around. Even at school they're sitting for much of the day.

In fact, kids need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity that gets their heart beating faster than usual. And they need to do it every day to burn off calories and prevent them storing up excess fat in the body which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also keeps their bones healthy and encourages muscle strength and flexibility.

Our sessions are an hour long and up to four times  a week

It's important to try and do activities that really get their hearts pumping. This can be things like jumping, skipping, dancing and running, kids kickboxing also is a fantastic form of exercise because it uses every muscle group and is great for cardiovascular fitness.. Not only does it make them feel good, but it helps to exercise their bones too and protect against brittle bone disease in later life.

1.Keeping your child fit
kids kickboxing Reading, chichester west sussex

Child obesity is an enormous problem throughout the world, and the epidemic is only set to get worse. Kickboxing and Martial Arts provides a great all over body workout for your child, forcing them to use muscles that are rarely exercised,burning calories at the same time as having fun working towards their next belt.

2.Great for Building social skills
kids kickboxing Reading

Social skills is a crucial aspect of your childs childhood and a lack of it can really show and affect your  child as they grow older.kickboxing and  Martial Arts, with its team work and skill sharing, is one of the activities that encourages and promotes this in a healthy way.we also have lots of social events that brings all Aro kids together which helps to build relationships from other Aro training locations. 

3.Team work
kids kickboxing teamwork

Team work is something required in school, the workplace and everyday life.kickboxing and Martial Arts is impossible without effective team work, forcing them to develop necessary skills.Your child will learn to work within a team and also learn to help each other.

4.Boosts Self Esteem
kids kickboxing reading grading

Many kids suffer from lack of self esteem, however confident they may appear. Kickboxing and Martial Arts is rewarding in every sense, and awards and competitions will help to boost their self-esteem and confidence,to help with this we get your child to get involved with the instruction of classes by letting them come out front with the instructor and help with the warm up and cool down of classes,you would be amazed at the results with this with self esteem.

5.Increase discipline
assistant instructors Kickboxing Reading

With discipline being such a leading factor in Kickboxing and Martial Arts it is easy for this routine to cross over into everyday life, ensuring better practices and attitude when dealing with all manner of situations. 

6.Target Setting

Kickboxing and Martial Arts is all about self-improvement and growing within the sport, and so target setting and achieving goals plays a big part.Our Grading system is a part of the target setting as well as working up the ranks of competitions.

7.Self Defence
self defence Reading

Through the sport, they will learn how to practice self defence in a safe and proper way, allowing them to protect themselves if ever in danger.

8.Enhancing listening skills
Aro fitness kickboxing

Kickboxing and Martial Arts is one of the few sports that requires as much listening and paying attention as it does physical activity.

9.Improves concentration

The modern world presents many problems for concentration and focus, with distractions everywhere. Each session of kickboxing and Martial Arts requires lengthy concentration, which is in turn is great for inproved school work.

10.Learning respect
under 10's title fight holder

Getting children to understand the notion of respect for others and their elders is no easy task, but Kickbox and  Martial Arts certainly helps, emphasising its value, and control of techniques when working with other team members teaches respect for others


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Our mission is to bring to you the everyday person quality, affordable and safe martial arts, kickboxing and fitness in a safe, fun and non-intimidating environment, focused on you as an individual to strive to achieve the best you can be to the highest level of excellence and self well being.

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