Lil Ninjas

Learn more than Martial arts and kickboxing with our Lil Ninjas 3-6 years
Lil Ninjas kickboxing 3-6 year olds

Our LIL Ninjas classes are an age and ability appropriate,specially designed training programme that teaches more than just kickboxing.It teaches youngsters to be good citizens and prepares them for life in the big world  or at least school.The sessions include lessons in safety and life skills as well as physical aspects of kickboxing and fitness.These skills help the students become well rounded by promoting the childs social,emotional,physical and intellectual growth.

         ''Learn more than Martial arts in Lil Ninjas training sessions''  

The sessions will be 30 minutes long and geared towards the 3 -6 year olds,therefore we teach only the very few basic skills of kickboxing that you see in the older sessions and instead focus on the skills they need before entering the older sessions.

The sessions are fun very active and are a great way to starting their way to be great kickboxers (please note we enforce that what they learn is to be kept within training sessions and not outside the dojo) will be run as a Rolling  programme,covering lots of  different skills each week.



Our Lil Ninja's Class Time Table
Lil Ninjas kickboxing 3-6 years ARO Fitness kickboxing

The sessions run on the following days

Monday & Thursday evening 5.30pm  at The Wren school Ruhemann street off Southcote Lane RG30 3AE

Monday 4.45pm at the Selsey Centre, Selsey, West Sussex

Wednesday 4.15pm at the Selsey Centre Selsey West Sussex

Saturday Morning 9.45am Selsey, Centre,Selsey,West Sussex

Friday 4.30pm Nuffield health,Chichester Gate,Chichester




To book your Lil Ninja in for a FREE Trial session please click on the lil ninjas logo to be taken to our booking page Thank You and we Look forward to meeting you and your Lil Ninja in class very soon.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring to you the everyday person quality, affordable and safe martial arts, kickboxing and fitness in a safe, fun and non-intimidating environment, focused on you as an individual to strive to achieve the best you can be to the highest level of excellence and self well being.

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