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Kickboxing in Reading Please see below a list of pre booked grading dates,

The cut off for booking for each grading will be the Thursday before the grading date NO BOOKINGS WILL BE TAKEN AFTER THE GRADING CUT OFF DATES Grading's must be cleared by your instructor and consistent training is a MUST Full uniform including belt is to be worn at each grading and you must hand in your grading / licence book ( if this is your first grading you will get a grading/ licence book after your 1st grading)

Grading Fees
Kickboxing Reading kickboxing Belts

Our Grading Fees are set at per person per belt to book your grading please click on the colour belt and follow the link to the booking page,

Our belts below are listed in the grading order to save confusion of which belt you / your clild is grading for.

White belt (Received with Uniform) 

Red Belt Grading £25.00 

Yellow Belt Grading £25.00

Orange Belt Grading £25.00

Green Belt Grading £25.00

Blue Belt Grading £25.00

Purple Belt Grading £25.00

Brown Belt Grading £25.00

Brown / Stripe Belt £25.00

Black Belt Grading £25.00

Black Belt 1st Dan Grading £30.00

Black Belt 2nd Dan Grading £30.00

Black Belt 3rd Dan Grading £30.00

Lil Ninja Gradings
Lil Ninjas kickboxing 3-6 years old Reading,Hayling island, Chichester  West sussex Our Lil Ninja gradings are held on the same day as the main grading dates
the lil ninjas will be awarded their belts and certificate on the grading days

Lil Ninja Gradings are £7.50 per Grade this includes the grading Test Belt and Cetificate

To book your Lil Ninjas Grading Please click here

Grading dates for Selsey West Sussex

Our west sussex gradings are held at Bea Fit studio unit 2 Sherrington mews Selsey our next gradings are

Lil Ninjas 10th November

Kids and Adults 17th November

To Book your grading Click here

Grading Dates For Reading Berkshire

Our Reading Gradings are Held at the Manor primary school Southcote Reading

Lower Belt Grading (Red - Green belts)

3rd November

 To Book your grading please click here

Grading Venue's

Please note Gradings in Reading will be held at 

Manor Primary school Ashampsterd road Southcote


We will contact you once booked to confirm your Start time

West sussex Gradings are held at

Gradings held in Selsey / Chichester will be held at

Bea fit studio

Unit 2 Sherrington mews 



West Sussex

Once booked you will be contacted for your start time

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring to you the everyday person quality, affordable and safe martial arts, kickboxing and fitness in a safe, fun and non-intimidating environment, focused on you as an individual to strive to achieve the best you can be to the highest level of excellence and self well being.

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