Lil Ninjas 3-6 years old

Our Lil ninjas programme is designed with the smallest of people in mind our ninjas learn the basics of kickboxing while having fun working their motor skills and building strong muscles, bones. Co-ordination and confidence

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Kid Champions 6-12 years Old

Our kid champions programme helps kids build confidence gain motivation determination Respect and discipline with learning kickboxing and self defence they are also building great friendships and healthy body’s and minds.

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Kids Elite

Our Kids Elite programme is the next progression on from the kid champions , where the students have reached the standard to work at a faster harder and much more disciplined pace progressing faster through the belts etc

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Adults 12 years to upper limit

Our adults classes are fun yet challenging while your learning the art of kickboxing and self defence you will also be building strength and conditioning, fitness, Motivation and confidence  all at the same time as losing body fat

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Special Team Of Role Models this is our junior assistant instructor training program this is a team of our junior instructors which have shown to be great role models to our younger students, these assist in classes helping and supporting our younger members or members whom need that little extra support.

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Instructor Training

If you are interested in becoming an instructor or running your own ARO Club (18 years plus) please email us direct on for more details

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