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Founders of ARO fitness kickboxing

ARO Fitness kickboxing has been in existence since 1998 and has grown to become recognised as a leader in training of Martial Arts in Reading Berkshire, Selsey, Bracklesham, Hayling Island, Chichester and surrounding areas. The school is run by professional instructors and support staff, as well as a dedicated team of helpers and volunteers. The ARO philosophy is one of sharing the highest standards of Martial Arts while developing within our students, not only the physical attributes of skilled martial artists but also the mental disciplines and strengths of character required overall. Built with strong ethics, ARO Fitness Kickboxing is deliberately ‘family’ oriented.

Alongside our top quality adults programs and classes, there are also classes catering to younger students. The parents of our younger students are included in this ethic and we like to take as much care of the parents of younger students as we do of the adults and youngsters in training. With a ‘service and value’ approach, ARO strives to give everyone at the schools the highest levels of service, alongside superior value. Our tuition fees are highly competitive, while at the same time, reflecting the value of service delivered in the classes. The family atmosphere at ARO garners intense loyalty and dedication amongst students, parents, and staff alike. We also see a wonderful sharing ethic within the club and find that many students and parents are keen to introduce friends and acquaintances to us, which further enhances the family framework. While the Martial Arts can be a highly competitive sport, indeed ARO nurtures its share of world beating champions; there is no emphasis on competition. Individuals can choose to compete or simply take their own journey in the martial arts and progress through the gradings alongside many other individuals. No one sits ‘on the bench’ at ARO, the classes are highly inclusive, and, the attention of the instructors is fully on the needs of the students and parents as a whole. Alongside classes and competitions, ARO also holds regular additional workshops and seminars for subjects that cannot be covered in regular classes, training in more specialist skills and disciplines. There are also activities and super seminars as well as ‘fun nights’ at various times throughout the year. Instructor approved clothing and equipment is supplied for sale through our physical and online stores and regular promotions and discounts are run to ease the financial pressures on essential purchases. Members are advised what is required at each stage of their training and development. Commitment from students and parents alike is essential to progress happily and successfully in the Martial Arts, and you will find, at ARO, that your commitment to us is repaid with our commitment to continually strive to bring you the highest quality classes in the country, give you a club and instructors to be proud of and ensure your journey is happy, served with excellence, and is one that far exceeds your expectations.

Yours In Martial Arts,

Lee & Bernice Smith


All of ARO Instructors and students are licenced under BMABA

 (British Martial Arts & Boxing Association)


Members of BMABA