We at understand that taking up a Martial art or kickboxing or even a new sport can be daunting and you may have lots of questions spinning around your head so we have put a few commonly ask questions down below to help,but please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns,we are always happy to help.

Your Questions Answered…

How do i book my first class?  To book a free trial session please click on book your free trial now

How do i book more classes? After your first free trial class we offer you our 4 weeks beginners workshop so you can try our classes for 4 weeks before committing to a full membership once you have paid your beginners workshop you will be given access to our booking system 

Can i just turn up and train when i want to? All our classes have set times these can be booked via our booking system

Do i need gloves? We have gloves to borrow while on your free trial session and 4 weeks beginners workshop but request you have your own gloves when you become a full member of ARO Fitness Kickboxing

How Old do i need to be to do Kickboxing? our classes start from 3 years old and we have no upper age limit 

Where is my Nearest class? All our classes and class locations can be found via class locations 

What do i need to wear? for your free trial please wear something you can move in eg shorts and t-shirt, leggings or tracksuit bottoms (NO SKIRTS OR DRESSES PLEASE) Once you are a full member you are required to wear our branded club uniform

What do i need to bring with me? please bring a drink and a towel with you (if you have boxing gloves these can be worn but not necessary 

Do You sale the kit i need? you can Purchase all pads, gloves uniform etc from our pro store

Am i allowed to bring my own kit with me? We request that you Purchase your kit from our pro store because the kit we sale meats our insurance requirements and saves you £££’s if you buy the wrong kit